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Children's cakes

At Sparkles and Sprinkles we always try to create fun, colourful and exciting designs for your children's cakes.

We design everything from simple standard cakes, that start from as little as £10, to the most elaborate bespoke creations. All our cakes are made with butter, local free range eggs, no preservatives, and tender loving care... not on a production line.

The selection in our image gallery is only some of the cakes we have produced, all of our cakes are made to order and we will design something special for you and your children.

Every child is different, and what works for one, will not work for another, so we take time to learn what your child likes and which is their favorite character.

We keep up to date with these new characters and always try to provide cakes which have that "OMG" factor

We can also take a picture of your choice and print it onto an icing sheet, whether that is a picture of your child, or a design that means something to them, our aim is to make that special cake just for your child.

It has been said that it is a shame to cut them... well I must admit, I think that is the best part, after all it is just cake!!!

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